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Who Is A Great Mentor?

The world is full of people, each of whom has the capacity to be a great mentor. A great mentor is an individual who can change someone’s life for the better. A great mentor is able to help someone to change their mentality – perhaps by becoming more confident or more positive for example – in the hope that this will enable them to access their full potential. By unlocking their full potential, an individual becomes one step closer to achieving success. Though we may all have the potential to be great mentors, very few of us actually make use of these skills. There are, however, individuals who do make use of these skills by helping people to improve themselves. These individuals are the ones who could be considered as great mentors. Let us, therefore, explore the work of these individuals and discuss why they could be labelled as great mentors.

The first person who could be considered as a great mentor is Debra Searle. Debra is most commonly known as one of the few people to have successfully rowed solo across the Atlantic Ocean. As well as this magnificent achievement, Debra has also launched a handful of companies, won a Gold world championship medal for GB and also published two books. I think it would be fair to say that Debra is an exceptional woman. She now spends her time encouraging people to change their mindsets for the better. Debra encourages people to choose their attitude and to be positive. This is one of the reasons that Debra could be labelled as a great mentor. Debra has the capacity to instil confidence in people and has successfully transformed the lives of many people, hence meaning that she is a great mentor.

Another woman who could be considered as a great mentor is Ann Daniels. Ann is well-known for being a record-breaking polar explorer, as well as an excellent speaker and mentor. Ann believes that we should all grasp opportunities whenever we can, therefore showing that she promotes a positive and adventurous mindset. I believe that Ann can be considered as a great mentor due to her positivity, and also because she promotes determination as one a key characteristic for life.

In conclusion, these are just two examples of what a great mentor can be like. If you are looking for a great mentor, be sure to look closely around you because you are surrounded with people who all have the potential to be great mentors. For more information on what it takes to be a great mentor, or on mentoring in general, visit https://www.selfmadebook.uk/mastermindgroup/

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