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What Makes A Good Senior Mentor

For many years people have asked the question: what makes a good person? It is quite difficult to answer this question objectively because we all have different perceptions of what a good person looks like. For some, a good person is one who can make others happy even when they are feeling low. For others, a good person is somebody who is generous and dedicates his time to helping others. Regardless of your perception of a good person, I think we can all agree that a good person is a virtuous person (i.e. he or she displays behaviour which would suggest that he or she is following a set of moral virtues). Just like a good person, a good senior mentor too will follow his or her own set of virtues. A senior mentor must be able to lead and hence show capacity for leadership. Furthermore, a senior mentor must show tolerance and patience when attempting to improve the wellbeing of his or her client. In essence, a good senior mentor must follow a set of virtues, in order to succeed in his or her job of improving the lives of others. Let us, hence, look at a few other things that could make someone a good senior mentor.

A good senior mentor must have the capacity for kindness. When you are mentoring, you are often forced to deal with difficult scenarios where people may not be feeling at their best. Even if they are feeling at their best, it is your job as a senior mentor to make them feel even better. A lot of the time this requires you to show a certain amount of kindness and respect towards your client as this will strengthen your relationship and enable them to trust you. What is more, it will mean that they open up to you so that you can give them the best possible advice. In essence, a kind senior mentor is most likely to achieve the best possible results.

In addition, I would argue that a good senior mentor must have a positive mindset. This is a mindset which always looks for the best in every situation, thereby allowing one to learn from things even if they seem to be terrible. This sort of mindset enables one to maximise one’s chances of success because one develops a good attitude. What is more, one is more likely to challenge oneself to take new opportunities which could lead to further success. In essence, when a senior mentor has a good mindset it is far more likely that the client will develop a similar one, thus it must be promoted.

In conclusion, I hope to have highlighted just a few key elements of what it means to be a good senior mentor. Becoming a good senior mentor will take time, so do not try to take shortcuts – simply be patient. For more information on what makes a good senior mentor, or on mentoring in general, visit https://www.selfmadebook.uk/mastermindgroup/

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