The Self Made Promise

Our promise to you is that you’ll achieve 6 figures in your business within 18 months if you follow the programme as per our guidelines.

 To outline our Money back guarantees please see the below:

  1. You must have a product or service available for customers to purchase within 12 weeks of you joining the programme.
  2. All 6 Mastermind sessions are attended and any homework given in that session is completed to the best of your ability and on time.
  3. All 1-2-1’s are completed within a timely manner and any strategies/plans given to you by your mentor are followed and implemented within the business.
  4. Any pledges are submitted into the WhatsApp group no later than the following Monday after the Saturday Mastermind session and emailed to                                                                                                                                                                       
  5. You must find an accountability partner (another mentee within the group) within 14 days and email who they are to
  6. Your LinkedIn profile is up to date. (Completed after attending the Mastermind session) You have a template message for outreach and you achieve a minimum 2500 connections by the end of your 6 month programme and within 5000 in 18 months of joining
  7. You have a professional company email address, signature and website
  8. Your personal/company branding reflects the business and any logo’s/artwork for marketing purposes are completed.
  9. Confirmation that you have the following domain names .uk .com for your business within 150 days of starting the programme.
  10. Your business social media pages are up to date and in line with the company brand, plus any social media sales strategies learnt within your Mastermind session are implemented.
  11. Any additional online networking events are attended where possible to expand your networking circle and contacts.
  12. You complete a business canvas model & submit to selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.ukWithin 3 months of joining
  13. You complete a marketing plan & submit to selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.ukWithin 3 months of joining
  14. You complete a business plan & submit to selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.ukWithin 3 months of joining
  15. You complete your customer fact find & submit to within 6 months of joining
  16. You complete your press release & submit to within 6 months of joining
  17. You complete your elevator pitch and submit via WhatsApp after the personal branding session.
  18. Clear business goals must be sent to within 28 days of joining the programme
  19. Confirmation that you have an accountant in please within 90 days of starting and emailed to
  20. Confirmation you have a trademark in place within 6 months of starting and emailed to

We will give you the tools to succeed and we need you to put the work in to get you to 6 or 7 figures.