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The Importance of A Peer Mentor Program

Mentoring is one of the most important things in the modern world because it can aid personal development. Interactions with a mentor can help an individual to become more confident in their own ability which ought to help them stand out. Moreover, a mentor can help an individual to develop a life plan which they can use to enable them to achieve success. In essence, mentoring is a really important thing. However, peer mentor programs are often looked down upon (perhaps because they are thought to be unprofessional). I would, however, argue that a peer mentor program is highly useful, especially for younger individuals. A peer mentor program can be useful for both the mentor and mentee and so it should be promoted in all walks of life. Let us, hence, further explore the importance of a peer mentor program.

A peer mentor program can be highly useful for the mentee because they can learn from someone that they know. For example, young students within a school can learn from older students in their tutor group or house. These types of interactions can be useful because there always seems to be a special bond between students which cannot be replicated, even by a professional mentor. Perhaps this is due to the fact that both students truly appreciate the position that their counterpart is in. We see, therefore, how a peer mentor program can enable a student to build a relationship which is very strong, and which should be conducive to effective personal development.

In addition, an older mentor can also benefit from a peer mentor program. This is because they will be playing an advisory role, whereby they will have to consider an individual’s emotional states so that they can give adequate advice. This is highly useful because it can develop their people skills which will be necessary in the world of work. They will also have to perform problem solving exercises – in order to be good mentors – which will also be a part of their future job.

In conclusion, I hope to have shown the importance of a peer mentor program. A peer mentor program can be particularly useful in a school environment as it can build trust between students and generate a better, more trusting school milieu. They can provide an excellent basis for personal development; however, only when they are properly overseen. For more information on the importance of a peer mentor program, or on mentorship in general, visit https://www.selfmadebook.uk/mastermindgroup/

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