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The Ideal Mentor

As humans, we often find ourselves idealising about the world around us. This is a perfectly natural thing to do and is merely a reflection of the human condition. It simply shows that we are aware of what we want, and that perfection is something that all humans want. Certain people enjoy idealising about food – I can certainly say that I fall under this category. Others like to think about their perfect pair of shoes or the perfect outfit. Whatever the case, we often find ourselves thinking about what perfection looks like. I would, therefore, like to pose a question – what does the ideal mentor look like? The ideal mentor is something that we would all love to have, because the ideal mentor would provide us with the best guidance. This guidance will increase our chances of success and hence mean that we move one step closer to living the lifestyle that we have always sought after. The ideal mentor, however, is hard to come by. What is more, the ideal mentor may vary from person to person because we all have different tastes and desires. It could, however, be argued that each form of the ideal mentor will possess certain objective characteristics. Let us, therefore, briefly explore some characteristics that may be possessed by the ideal mentor.

In my opinion, the ideal mentor would be a relaxed individual. By a relaxed individual, I simply mean a person who emits calmness and relaxing vibes. For me, this is really important as you are likely to feel nervous or anxious when first meeting your mentor. It is vital, therefore, for your mentor to make you feel relaxed and at ease. This would also enable you to build a better relationship with the ideal mentor, since it will be easier to trust him or her.

What is more, the ideal mentor would also have a great deal of knowledge. In order to be the ideal mentor, a mentor must have the capacity to deal with a wide variety of situations. This relies on him or her having a good basis of information from which he or she can provide solutions. He or she must also have good communicative skills, in order to transmit this information in the clearest way possible.

These are just a few characteristics of the ideal mentor. For some, the ideal mentor may be quite different; however, these are what my ideal mentor would be like. For more information on what the ideal mentor may be like, or on mentoring in general, visit https://www.selfmadebook.uk/mastermindgroup/

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