Black Business Mentoring School

The month of October is Black History Month in the UK and with all of that has happened in recent times relating to racial injustice, disparity and inequity, we wanted to do our part in supporting financial rehabilitation of the community via entrepreneurial support and mentoring, creating the Self Made Scholarship Programme in October 2020.

We have been providing mentoring and consultancy services for over 14 years collectively and we have had immense success amongst our mentees and clients. As a result of our mentorship our mentees have had their dreams become a reality; establishing sustainable businesses, increased turnover significantly (some exceeding a million in revenue) and raising over £10k in crowdfunding. We currently support a diverse community of entrepreneurs and we are proud of all they have achieved.

However, levelling the playing field and changes in racial division come in a number of ways, one such change in the struggle is economic. We need to create more thriving businesses and more success stories that can be used to creative a positive narrative about the contributions the black community make to the economy. We need to have more ‘skin in the game’ to enable us to have more say.

We want to be able to help more black business owners to get the mentorship that they require to get their business or business idea to the next level. There isn’t a shortage of business ideas in the black community but we do have an issue with is visibility, credibility, marketing and growth.

These are certainly areas that we can help with and we have proven this time and time again in our existing community.  We are incredibly proud of the results our first cohort of scholars have achieved this year and can’t wait to see the continued development and success of their businesses over the coming months and years.

We would like to thank every single person that contributed to the initial fund, plus our first round of scholars who as a results of our ‘Pay It Forward’ strategy have enabled us to offer another 20 mentoring places for our next cohort starting in September.

Two of the 20 scholarships are being provided by international law firm CMS. CMS have pledged to provide:

  • Sponsorship for two scholars on the 6 month programme.
  • A series of pro bono legal webinars on the essential topics of contracts, employment and real estate for all scholars on the programme.
  • Pro bono support for the two sponsored scholars.

The programme will continue to be sustainable via a ‘Pay It Forward’ strategy, whereby recipients of the scholarship will be supported for 6 months at a 50-100% fee reduction and once the business is successful/financially stable in 6-12 months, we want them to pay the cost of their mentorship back into the fund to enable someone else to go through the programme. And so on..

The scholarship programme will start in September 2021, with the deadline for entries being August 31st.  Once all applications have been received a member of the Self Made Team may be in contact to discuss your application in more detail.

If you or someone you know would benefit from this help, please ask them to complete this form before the August 31st Deadline!

Black Business Mentoring Scholarship Application Form

Please complete all of the following questions, upon completion our team will review your application and inform you if you are successful or not.

Deadline for applications : August 31st, Midnight.
Thank you for your application