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A published book is truly an amazing accolade and experience to have in life and is not as hard as you may think. Whether you want to share your ideas or creativeness with the world, or you want to add a book to your life goals or explore it as a hobby, the ‘Becoming a Published Author’ workshop can help you do just that.

When thinking about how to produce a published book, you may not know where to start and it can seem like a distance goal, however the ‘Become a Published Author’ workshop can make you dreams a reality by providing you with the knowledge you need to have a finished and published book.

Think you can become the next bestseller? Then why not attend the ‘Become a Published Author’ workshop. Your workshop will be run by not one but two best selling authors! They are the renowned Byron Cole and Bianca Miller Cole who produced the book ‘Self-Made’. You too can also be self-made with your own published book.

This specialist course has limited availability so ensure you secure your slot now. Click here to book your space on the ‘Become a Published Author’ workshop and take those very first steps into becoming a published author yourself with your very own published book.

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