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Publish a book

Many of us have a dream to publish a book, however, few manage to do this and it is easier than you think. Bridge the gap between your concept and a hardcopy of your book by joining the ‘Becoming a Published Author’ workshop today!

The ‘Becoming a Published Author’ workshop has various packages which can also include post workshop one to one private sessions with renowned number one best-selling Authors Byron Cole and Bianca Miller Cole. They will pass to you their vast experience and extensive knowledge to ensure that your book is a success and you know how to publish a book.

Your workshop leaders Byron Cole and Bianca Miller Cole currently have a book in the making by the number one publisher in the world ‘Penguin Random House’ so you can be assured this workshop will help you if you are struggling to know where to start when bringing your book to life, you can learn how to publish a book and it does not need to be that hard!.

So why wait? Click here to book your space on the ‘Becoming a Published Author’ workshop immediately as spaces per session are very limited. You can also book a space to ensure you are at the front of the session should you need that extra attention!

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