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Project Mentor

In the modern world, mentoring is highly important as it enables people to improve their knowledge and, hence, become more competitive in the working world. The world of work is becoming all the more competitive, especially considering recent technological advances, which means that in order to receive a job you must truly be the best. There is no space for merely adequate workers, you must be at the top of your game. One way to ensure that you are succeeding is through seeking mentoring from more experienced people. This is beneficial for you because you will learn all the tricks of the trade. What is more, once you have received sufficient amounts of mentoring, you too could become a mentor. This all comes under what I would label “Project Mentor”, the aims of which are to increase the number of mentors available and to increase the number of people who receive mentoring. “Project mentor” is not an official project; however, it is something that everyone can buy into, should they wish to increase their chances of success. Let us, hence, further explore what “Project Mentor” is and how it can help you and those around you.

“Project Mentor” attempts to ensure that the number of mentors available is sufficient. In recent years the number of people seeking mentor has increased, perhaps due to the need for more guidance through the tumultuous times. This number will continue to increase, as the world continues to change, meaning that we will need more mentors than ever before. It is vitally important, therefore, for organizations to buy into mentoring schemes, in order to increase the number of professionally trained mentors.

Moreover, “Project Mentor” would ensure that people are seeking mentoring when they need it. When people need advice, but fear about asking for it, they often simply stay quiet. This means that they will suffer and may, as a result, not achieve what they set out to do so. We must, therefore, push people to seek for mentoring, in order to ensure that their confidence and knowledge levels are high. Mentoring will also enable them to develop life plans which ought to help them to become organised.

In conclusion, I hope to have shown how such a thing as “Project Mentor” could help us during our busy lives. “Project Mentor” is an initiative which could be started in the workplace, or even in a school environment. Regardless of the location, it ought to help improve the general atmosphere of the place. For more information on “Project Mentor”, or on mentoring in general, visit https://www.selfmadebook.uk/mastermindgroup/

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