Pick My Brain!

Pick my brain with Byron Cole

Save £1000’s of mistakes & hours wasted time with a 20 minute session with Byron!

As part of my mission to help entrepreneurs, business owners and intrapreneurs take their business, careers and organisations to the next level I would love to speak to you & help answer any business or career related questions – no matter how big or small.

Having run the “Pick my Brain” session for the last 18 months I have helped 1000’s of people get ahead and make better decisions. I have 100’s of testimonials on LinkedIn and our YouTube channel which attest to the expert advice and support that I have provided.

Having dealt with 1000’s or questions over the months, here are some of the common problems or questions that get asked repeatedly;

I need more customers
I need to raise capital but don’t know how
I have a business Idea. but what do I do next
I’m struggling to juggle my career & my business idea
I lack clarity on my goals
I struggle with time management
I lack a personal brand identity/ strategy
I don’t know where to find a manufacturer
I don’t know where to find my customer
I want to get into property but I am not sure of what to buy
I want to invest but I don’t know where to start
I want to bring some structure to my business idea
I have loads of business ideas and don’t know which one to start with
I would like to create a passive income but don’t know how or where tostart
I want to create generational wealth
I want to meet like-minded individuals but don’t know where to find them.
How do I scale my business
Do I need to build a team?
I need help to repair my credit
I need help writing my book and becoming a published author
I want to build an app but need some assistance
How do I build a team?
I need help rebranding my business.

All of these problems are very normal, common and easy to solve. The above are examples of some of the questions I have encountered, although I’m sure you have your own specific questions, which I welcome. I have enough business experience to answer 99.9% of questions on the spot, those that I am not familiar with may require an industry e.g a technical accounting question specific to your industry and personal circumstances. In these cases, I will simply connect the dots and introduce you to someone who can help.

All 1-2-1 Pick my Brain Sessions are held over the phone or via zoom call. The choice is yours.

I look forward to working with you and helping you along your personal journey to success.

Price Promise.

In the unlikely event that I am not able to help you or you are not happy with my advice I will provide you with a full refund. To date I have a 100% satisfaction record from our survey reports.


Length of time 20 minutes
Cost: £59.97 – Availability Monday to Sunday 11:00 – 20:00

Note this price has be reduced from Byron’s usual rate to help support those at need. Value of offering £397

What have you got to lose? And what do you have to gain? Who else is offering this level of support?

“I Live to Inspire”