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National Mentoring Month

National mentoring month is an initiative which takes place every January. The aim of national mentoring month is to raise awareness about the need for mentors in the modern world. National mentoring month also tries to encourage more people to mentor the younger people around them. This could take place in schools, workplaces, and many other professional environments. National mentoring month is an excellent initiative, especially considering how useful mentoring can be. Mentoring can enable people to find a life plan, perhaps when they feel as if their lives are lacking direction, which helps them to be more motivated and focused. Mentoring also can help to improve people’s confidence in themselves. Self-confidence can help an individual stand out from the crowd and also mean that said individual is likely to take on new experiences from which they can learn a great deal. Essentially, mentoring is a very helpful initiative and is a great way to enable the younger generations to become more successful. Let us, hence, further explain the initiative that is national mentoring month.

The primary aim of national mentoring month is to raise awareness of mentoring in its various forms. Mentoring can take many forms such as business mentoring, peer mentoring or group mentoring. The different types of mentoring each have their own benefits and certain individuals are better suited to the different types of mentoring. In my opinion, peer mentoring is highly useful for younger children as it enables them to develop relationships with their peers. What is more, it enables the older students to maintain a position of responsibility which may be helpful when it comes to future job prospects.   

National mentoring month also has two other aims. The first of the two aims is to recruit more individuals to mentor. The second of the two aims is to promote the rapid growth of mentoring by recruiting organizations. In essence, all three aims are trying to show the importance of mentoring in the modern world. I would strongly agree that mentoring is highly useful in the modern world, especially because it can help young adults to deal with the competitive nature of the business world.

In conclusion, national mentoring week is an excellent initiative which aims to promote mentoring to lots of people, especially younger people. According to data, one in three people experience life without a mentor. This statistic suggests that lots of people will grow up without someone to guide them. This is a problem and so we must be grateful for initiatives such as national mentoring month. For more information on national mentoring month, or on mentoring in general, visit https://www.selfmadebook.uk/mastermindgroup/

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