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I Need A Mentor

As humans, we often feel lost within the crowd. We struggle to find our place within the world, and this causes us to feel stressed and can lead to further mental health issues. This feeling of not belonging can further impact our lives, if we do not act upon it. It can cause us to lose concentration; therefore, meaning that we are not as productive at work. It can also cause us to stop caring for those around us, hence meaning that we become detached from our close family and friends. Essentially, this feeling of being lost can make us suffer and so we must avoid it at all costs. When such feelings begin to arise, we must admit one thing to ourselves; we must say “I need a mentor”. Needing a mentor is not a sign of weakness; in fact, one could argue that by saying “I need a mentor”, one is acting in the bravest manner possible (since one is presenting oneself in such a vulnerable form). If you feel like saying “I need a mentor”, do not worry, for we shall now explore just what you may wish to do, and how this could benefit you.

The first thing to do when you feel like saying “I need a mentor” is to talk to someone you trust. You should talk to a family member, or a close friend perhaps, because they will know you best. They will know just how you may be feeling and so they can recommend a plan of action which is best suited to you. This will be helpful because you may not feel as if you can improve your state of mind by yourself. By having someone around you, someone you can trust, you are far more likely to make progress. In moments of discomfort it is hard enough to make progress alone, so always try to find help through others. This ought to help you deal with your short-term pain and may even help you avoid long-term issues.

Moreover, if you feel like saying “I need a mentor” it may be a good idea to seek the help of a professional. A professional mentor will deal with many people who are struggling due to similar issues. What is more, a professional mentor will be able to give you well-informed solutions and suggestions which will be very likely to help you feel better. A professional mentor will be able to give you the advice that you are looking for, so do invest some time into finding a mentor that suits you. In summary, if you ever feel like saying “I need a mentor” do not try to fight the battle on your own. Trying to be independent in such a difficult time is likely to lead to further suffering. Seek the help of a mentor, or close friend/family member. For more information on what to do when you feel like saying “I need a mentor”, visit https://www.selfmadebook.uk/mastermindgroup/

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