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How To Be A Mentor

Being a mentor is a particularly tricky thing, especially if you are just starting out in the world of mentorship. The reason that being a mentor is difficult is because you are often dealing with people, each of whom can be different from the other. As such, you will need to treat each of them differently (should you wish to achieve the optimum results). Moreover, you will often be challenged with differing scenarios – even if you present yourself as a specific sports or business mentor – which means that you will need to be prepared for anything. So, the question arises: how can you be a good mentor? Well I think it can be narrowed down to two quite simple things, and so I would like to explore what I believe makes a good mentor. You should know that these are not definitive qualities of a mentor – that is, they do not apply to all mentors – but they do generally lead to one becoming an effective mentor.

Firstly, I believe that you need good knowledge of your field if you want to be a good mentor. More often than not, people will be coming to you with specific problems and so you cannot always help them with a generic response. A specific response is only achievable through having adequate knowledge, so you must research hard in order to prepare yourself. How can you do this? Well, one way is through reading up on your chosen area. Although it can be time consuming, reading is one of the most effective ways of acquiring trustworthy knowledge. Alternatively, you could seek advice through YouTube videos or Podcasts (both of which will provide you with varying knowledge sources).

Secondly, in order to be a good mentor, it is vital for you to have a certain level of emotional intelligence. By this I mean you ought to be able to read how people are feeling about their situation and give an adequate response. This is really important because people may often seek the advice of mentors when they are feeling particularly fragile. If you were to respond in a harsh manner, you may worsen the issue and so it is vital for you to understand the emotional state of your client. The best way to improve this is through social interactions, even with strangers. It is good to do this because it will enable you to improve your ability to “read” people.

In summary, I hope you can see just how you can kickstart your career as a mentor. If you want to be a mentor, you will need to work hard and have consistent levels of determination. Being a mentor is challenging, but also very rewarding so be patient and you will succeed. For more information of being a mentor, and general mentorship, visit https://www.selfmadebook.uk/mastermindgroup/ .

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