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How Do Mentors Come Up With Solutions?

As a student you often have those moments where you are struggling to answer a question. For example, during a mathematics exercise or exam, you may come across a difficult question which requires you to use a calculator. Without the help of the calculator, you struggle to answer the question because you cannot quite grasp the theory. However, once you have used the calculator, you somehow manage to get the question right. The calculator has enabled you to answer the question, but the question still stands – how does the calculator provide a solution? Well, it is all to do with its programming – it is programmed to compute numbers, in order to provide you with a solution to a mathematical problem. In the same way, you could answer the title by arguing that mentors are “programmed” to come up with solutions, in order to help you with your issues. They do not, however, have the knowledge without working for it – they must acquire it overtime. This ability to acquire knowledge is one way in which mentors come up with solutions. Let us now explore a few other way in which mentors can produce solutions to help you.

Mentors are able to come up with solutions by using their analytical skills. These skills enable mentors to assess the positives and negatives of an action, thus meaning that they can advise a client as to how they should act. What is more, they are able to assess the effects of an action upon others; therefore, meaning that they can further analyse a person’s behaviour. This skill means that mentors can prescribe a type of behaviour which ought to enable an individual to succeed. In essence, mentors come up with solutions which, subsequently, positively affect others and can lead you closer towards success.

In addition, mentors are able to come up with solutions to your problems by using their problem-solving skills. Mentors come up with solutions by firstly finding the route of your problem. By doing so, they are able to establish just how they can resolve this problem (by coming up with adequate solutions). Problem-solving skills, therefore, enable mentors to produce solutions in an efficient manner.

In conclusion, I hope to have briefly shown just how mentors can come up with solutions. Each mentor will have a different method; however, it is vitally important to stick to their method. If they stray from it, they may see a dip in their rate of success. For more information on how mentors come up with solutions, or on mentoring in general, visit https://www.selfmadebook.uk/mastermindgroup/

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