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2022 Self Made Mentoring Referral Program

Exclusive to Self Made Mentees & Alumni

First of all, we would like to thank you for all of your referrals & support in 2021 and for your help in building the SM community to what it is today.

Now 2022 is here, we thought we would go that bit harder for the SM Family by introducing what we feel is a great reward & incentive for referrals.

We want to make our referral programme BETTER than ever so here it is!

Here is a breakdown of the remuneration available for each person you refer, who signs up to the Self Made Mentoring Program.

£50 cash paid by bacs or PayPal within 7 days of sign up!

Please provide the contact details of the referee below.

Note this form needs to be completed BEFORE they join!


Does this still apply if I leave? YES

The person joined and I forgot to complete this form, will I still get paid? N0, please please complete the form so we can keep an automated process.

I’m no longer part of the Self Made community does this offer apply to me? YES

What is the onboarding process? We hold weekly webinars

Is the offer per sign up? Yes, if you get x5 people to join then you will be paid £250 in the bank to use at your disposal.

What is a successful referral? This is when your referred person joins the programme officially, this means the have contracted into a minimum 6 month mentoring support via any of the 3 “Mentor Me” programme options

Self Made Family, here is a sample WhatsApp message you can use/amend and send to any potential individual you may wish to refer.

Hey (Enter Name)

As you know I’m a part of the Self Made Mentoring Programme which has helped 100’s of entrepreneurs achieve their dreams over the last 4 years.

The mentoring programme is run by multi award winning business mentors and best selling business authors Byron Cole & Bianca Miller Cole.

The mentoring programme is now closing so this is the last opportunity for you to join.

Do you need support taking your business to the next level with a mentor?

Please register your interest here and let me know once you register so I can let them know to look out for you for that VIP treatment during the webinar.

    STEP 1.
    Just put your name and contact details in the boxes below:

    STEP 2.
    Refer your Friend. Simply add your friends details below:

    STEP 3.
    That's it. Tell your friend that an account manager from Self Made will be contacting them with an amazing opportunity.