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County court judgement (CCJ)

What is a County Court Judgement (CCJ)? A County Court Judgement (CCJ) is a court order in England, Wales and Northern Island that you can receive against you if you do not repay money that you owe. Before you get a County Court Judgement (CCJ), you would have received a warning letter beforehand which lets you know of the amount you must repay. If you fail to comply and repay the money that you owe, then the next step is legal action being taken by a County Court Judgement (CCJ). The initial warning will be sent to you 14 days before the County Court Judgement (CCJ) letter is sent to you for legal action to be taken. The letter will notify you of what you have to do and what are the consequences if you do not follow the steps necessary.  Once you receive a County Court Judgement (CCJ) letter, you need to seek for advice immediately as you will be able to get your claim dealt with in the best way. This will allow the court to consider your circumstances and take them into account when deciding how you will go about repaying the amount that you owe. If you ignore the letter sent to you by the County Court Judgement (CCJ) then your judgement will still take place however you will not be able to provide them with your details and current circumstances. You have only 14 days to reply to the claim form when you receive it, and it is extremely important that you do not ignore this letter. There will be a form you will need to fill out called the Income and Expenditure form which will allow you to provide all your income and the money that leaves your account. This will help the court see how much money you have to pay off the debt and how long it will take. Overall, a County Court Judgement (CCJ) is something you do want to avoid. Once you receive the initial letter before the County Court Judgement (CCJ) letter you want to ensure you take immediate action. If you do find yourself with a County Court Judgement (CCJ) then you must take action and participate with the court effectively to ensure that you are able to repay the money that you owe. 

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