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Becoming a London Publisher does not have to be hard. We are here to make it much easier for you!

Our workshop provides you with all of the information and guidance you need to become a London Publisher from the beginning to the end of your success.

Do you have a specialty you want to share within a book? The ‘Become a Published Author’ workshop will help you go from idea to a book you can be proud of. It is not everyday you get the opportunity to sit down with industry experts who have a number one best-selling book. You will gain a book worth of in-depth industry knowledge and experience yourself sending you well on your way to becoming a London Publisher.

As a London Publisher you can have access to a workshop that is tailored to help you to the path to success. Even if you only have a book idea or concept, we will give you the tools you need to turn that into reality. Why waste time, as they say a wasted day is a wasted opportunity!

Click here to book your slot to become a London Publisher in the ‘Become a published Author’ workshop. Remember, spaces are very limited for each session so ensure you book your space immediately.

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