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From the words of famous Author T.S Eliot ‘One starts an action simply because they must do something’. Has having your own book been a life-long dream? We can start this action for you through our Author Workshop called ‘Becoming a published Author’. It is named becoming a published author because we will guide you on how to becoming a published author, not just information on how to create a book.

The Author workshop will teach you the winning formula to having your own published book. It doesn’t end just there. Did you know you can create alternative revenues from your book? You will also be taught how you can capitalize on your book to create a passive income for yourself!

Sounds difficult? No, it is not, you just have to take T.S Eliot’s advice and start your action by joining the Author workshop ‘Becoming a Published Author’ today. You will be taught by number one best selling authors Byron Cole and Bianca Lee Miller who produced the book ‘Self-Made’; the product of two of the UK’s best and brightest entrepreneurs. Who better than to show you how to become published in an author workshop than the very people who have become published themselves?

As this course has a very limited availability due to the personal approach of the author workshop, be sure to book your place immediately. Click here to see the packages available to start you off on your very own published journey through the ‘Becoming a published Author’ workshop.

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