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Amazon business books

According to Amazon, the owner of a reading device downloads an average of 55 books (paid and free) per year. If this is true, it means that there is an abundance of choices when it comes to buying books online. How about if the book you are after is a business book? How do you go about choosing the right audible business book for you? It is paramount that if being a business owner is your dream job, you must purchase a good audible business book that contains the right information to keep you ahead of your trade.

So, what makes a good business book? No doubt, every year, we see a slew of bestseller’s books propping up every year, but what will one book give you that another will not? The following tips will effectively help you to find the best audible business book for you.


Make Sure You First Review the Amazon Business Book

Amazon business books can be a hit and miss if you do not do your research. When purchasing Amazon business books, there is nothing worse than buying a book published by an author that lacks real experience. If the writer advices on certain practices and methods that are outdated, you will pay the price not them. So, choosing an author that has a good track record is essential.

Also, you do not have the luxury of skimming through the book topics first, as you would if it were a physical book at a bookstore. Remember you are out to make money, not waste money, so be sure to review both the topics of any book you are interested in purchasing.


Make Sure the Amazon Business Book Is Relevant to Your Trade

Amazon has many books for all businesses, so it is worth taking your time to choose a book that is relevant to your trade or topic. It should concentrate on a subject of relevance with topics that will come useful when your business is put into practice.  Opt for books based on personal experiences, such as stories that resonate well your experience as we are all hardwired to relate to stories. The ability to humanise business choices and business issues is critical.

The book should also give good examples and make the reader feel that they are a part of the conversation. This might be in the form of a case study – such as a company that is being written about, or a subject.


Choose an Amazon Business Book That is Problem Solving

What is your knowledge when it comes to business? Are you a beginner? If so, when choosing an Amazon business book, stay humble and opt for beginner business books or books that are on your level. The book must be able to help with problem solving and overcome challenges – because there will be many ahead. You do not want to waste precious time trying to understand one topic that would have made better sense had you chose a book on your level.

Good books should also be problem solving and will try and unravel the paradox and problems in business and suggest solutions. Case studies are a great way to practice handling challenges and a good book will be packed with case studies.


Self Made: The Definitive Guide to Business Success by Byron Cole & Bianca Miller

If starting a business is your calling, begin by reading the ‘The Definitive Guide to Business Success’. Co-authored by award winning life coaches Bianca Miller and Byron Cole, this book is a must read for all young entrepreneurs. The book highlights the importance of networking in today’s contacts based world, gives tips on being street smart, resonating with your audience and also explores the issues of personal branding and why it’s important for start-ups.

The writers themselves survived the UK as minorities with Limited opportunities and the label  that they would not go far with their business.


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