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A Great Mentor Is…

One thing that many of us search for is a role model. We are always looking for somebody to look up to, somebody that we can learn a few things from. Sometimes our role models are individuals that we don’t even know – celebrities, business icons or sportsmen, for example. On the other hand, sometimes our role models are people with whom we are very close (family members of friends tend to be prime examples of role models). The common attribute among all role models is that they are good people. They have a certain aura which enables them to stand out from the crowd, hence meaning that people realise who they are and quite often want to be more like them. A great mentor can be somebody who stands out from the crowd, so it could be argued that he or she would be a role model for some. A great mentor has the capacity to change lives for the better; therefore, showing just why someone may be inspired by them. It is easy to be inspired by a great mentor, but it is quite often difficult to emulate their behaviour. The best way to go about this task is by realising what it takes to be a great mentor. Let us, hence, explore what it takes to be a great mentor.

In my opinion, a great mentor has the ability to easily establish a working relationship with his or her client. One way of doing this is by establishing rules or standards for a client. This will enable you to monitor your clients behaviour by ensuring that they act in a certain manner. What is more, a great mentor may also set goals for the client; these goals mean that the client is focused and is, therefore, more likely to push for success. In essence, a great mentor has the ability to guide his or her client towards their desired end.

What is more, a great mentor also gives his or her clients opportunities to succeed. It is all well and good telling your client about how they can do better, but they must be given the opportunity to put the theory into practice. By being put in such a situation, the client will understand what it feels like to succeed; therefore, meaning that they understand what to do when faced with a similar situation. In essence, by challenging their clients, a great mentor enables them to understand what success feels like.

In summary, these are just a few key characteristics of a great mentor. You will be surrounded by great mentors, so ensure to ask for their help whenever you need it. For more information on what makes a great mentor, or on mentoring in general, visit https://www.selfmadebook.uk/mastermindgroup/

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